A Fund-Raiser gone Awry

What happened to the Auctions?!?

On Thursday (November 2, D.O.V.E.S of Gateway’s annual auction fund-raiser was to end at 8 p.m. Normally, when each auction ends, the auction software observes which person has the highest bid for each auction item. It then sends a Winner email with a link to pay (Paypal) for that auction item. Instead, on Thursday at 7:50 p.m., the server hosting the DOVES website crashed. The last 10 minutes of the Auction fund-raiser didn’t count.

Why did the server crash?

The server hosting dovesofgateway.org was not technically prepared for the number of bids and page reloads. The server was rebooted and after a very short time, again, crashed from the number of people bidding and visiting the website.

Where are my bids on the auction item(s)?

As this up and down of the server occurred after 8 p.m., the auction software determined all the auctions were complete and designated the winner of each auction item. This immediately resulted in the auction items not being modifiable. It was impossible to modify each auction and extend their end date/time.

Will I have the opportunity to bid on my items?

As such we have opted to re-list the 109 auction items. Each item has been reset; bids are now set to zero. All items are open for bidding. Auctions will end Tuesday, November 7, at 8 p.m. Eastern time.

What if the server crashes again?

Over the past 48 hours, the DOVES website have been being migrated to a much more powerful server. We hope you notice a difference in the responsiveness as you bid and explore the website.

My apologies for all inconveniences this disruption has caused. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me or DOVES. Thank you for your understanding and patience. Happy bidding!


Ryan Perkins
D.O.V.E.S. of Gateway IT Support